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tonight: >> somewhat like taking your
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child hostage and saying to somebody else i'm going to shoot my child if you don't do what i want done. >> as the country moves closer to going over the fiscal cliff, the partisan rhetoric reaches new lows. can washington hammer out a deal before it's too late. the american people should be outraged at this because it is disgraceful. it is purposely misleading. >> shocking developments at the state department. the four officials supposedly out of their jobs after the benghazi terror attack reportedly still on the government payroll. how can that be? [chanting] protect the constitution. >> the liberal "new york times" says last month's election significantly weakened the tea party. is that true? we will have a debate. chanting] >> u.s.a. >> caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now.
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>> i'm greg gutfeld in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. our top story tonight, the last ditch effort to avert the fiscal cliff. president obama met with congressional leaders for several hours at the white house today to try to hammer out a deal before taxes go up on more than 160 million americans. after the meeting, the president presented a new plan to avoid the cliff and said he was modestly optimistic. >> we had a constructive meeting today. senators reid and mcconnell are discussing a potential agreement where we can get a bipartisan bill out of the senate over into the house and done in a timely fashion so that we met the december 31st deadline. given how things have been working in this town we have to actually wait and see until it actually happens. the one thing that the american people should not have to wait and see is some sort of action.
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so if we don't see an agreement between the two leaders in the senate, i expect a bill to go on the floor. and i have asked senator reid to do. this put a bill on the floor that makes sure that taxes on middle class families don't go up, that unemployment insurance is still available for 2 million people, and that lays the groundwork then for additional deficit reduction and economic growth steps that we can take in the new year. >> joining us now from capitol hill. south dakota republican senator john thune, a member of the budget committee. so, senator, what do you make of the president's plan? >> i'm just glad the president is engaged. you can't do big things in washington, d.c. without presidential leadership. that's what we haven't had. the fact that he is now owe table. better late than never i would argue. at least he is at the table presenting something that will give us a chance hopefully to get some bipartisan support in
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the senate and perhaps get something to the house that will avert what everybody agrees is a major economic disaster. but we're still waiting for the details and obviously there is a long ways to go and this is a very -- there is going to be a tough needle to thread in order to get this done. >> see, i don't understand why the democrats think that this is an economic disaster going off the cliff since really it's just a democratic agenda. cuts to defense and higher taxes, what's not to love if you are a democrat? that's why they have been so slow to move. that's why the president is becoming concerned about the economy and ultimately his legacy. even though he can blame republicans in the short-term in the long term when they look back to this period this is going to attach to the president. is he feeling now an obligation to finally lead on this issue. and hopefully he will bring some democrats in the house and the senate along but it's going to have to be something that republicans can support. republicans are not going to
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vote for a bad deal. and obviously so we're going to be very interested in the particulars of this as they begin to emerge. i'm just glad finally that the president is here. but to your point, it is true a lot of democrats get what they want. they get higher taxes automatically on january 1st. and they get steep cuts in the defense budget. but i will tell you what, there are an awful lot of people that would be hurt by that particularly small businesses and job creators and that's why it is so important that we do everything we can to get an outcome here that doesn't hurt jobs and the economy. >> this is, again, i don't get this. the president says he is worried about this having an impact on the economy that raising taxes on the economy would be a bad thing. is he still fighting tooth and nail to raise taxes on the successful. isn't there a contradiction there? if raising taxes on the middle class is bad? shouldn't it be really bad for the people that actually hire the middle class? >> absolutely. and it is a fragile economy,
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greg. you are right. and, two years ago the president when we had economic growth that was actually higher than it is today said we shouldn't be raising taxes in the middle of a weak economy. today here we are we still have got a fragile and weak economy. we know that raising taxes at the $250,000 threshold would hit a million small businesses who employ 25% of the workforce in this country. it would be all the analysts, all the economists say that this would be really bad for our economy. and if you look at the impact of the revenue increases. if the president gets all the tax increases he wants it funds the government next year for next a week. this is not a revenue problem it's a spending problem which is what republicans have maintained all along. >> not to psycho analyze the president he is so obsessed with the 2% he is disengaged with the bigger problem heading toward greece not thinking about spending. almost on class warfare disability. taken him kind of out of the
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argument and now he is coming back don't you think that is the problem. he is like ahab and the well and the well is the -- whale is the wealthy? >> raising taxes in punitive way on affluent people. having said that again, the people who are -- who would be hit with these tax increases are the people who create the jobs. and that impacts a lot of middle class americans. have you got a middle class americans employed by small businesses that would see their tax bills go up. that's going to be bad for the economy and bad for jobs. but, again, i think that the philosophically the president a lot of his allies up here in the congress have a very different view of the world and one which believes that the way that you improve our country and improve our society is to redescribility wealth. but the way that you improve this country and standard of living is is to grow the economy. that makes it better for everybody. that also solves a lot of these fiscal problems that the country faces right now. >> we saw a lot of
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name-calling. harry reid called boehner a dictator. i find it strange because they don't call actual dick tears dictators. they never call chavez or castro a dictator but they will call boehner a dictator. are they going to start acting like adults soon. >> the house has done their job. it's ironic to me that harry reid goes after john boehner. the house of representatives did this months ago which is when it should have been done. extended the rates. replaced the across the board cuts with responsible reductions in spending. and, yet, here the senate is pointing the finger at the house of representatives. the speaker is right to say it's up to the senate. and this is where it's going to have to happen. >> all right, senator. thanks at lot. next on the run down do both parties actually want to go over the fiscal cliff to save political face? we'll debate it the state department officials out of their jobs after the benghazi terrorist attack are reportedly still on the payroll. we have details moments away. droid dna augmentation initiated.
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continuing with our top story tonight, just days to go, some say both parties want to go over the fiscal cliff in order to save face politically and then strike a deal next month, but will that be too late. joining us from little rock, alice stewart, a republican strategist and here in studio, my favorite juan, a fox news tributor. around the consequences of going over the fiscal cliff actually a democrat's dream? all that's missing are vegan lunches and yoga in classrooms. you have high taxes and defense cuts. you must be giddy good going over the cliff. >> not me, i don't want to go over the cliff. i have investments, i work for a living, and guess what? it would be absolutely traumatic for the american economy and the global economy and the recession is not exactly in the midst of a strong recovery. it's pretty weak, so i don't
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think it's good news for anybody and this is something that the press doesn't pay attention to, greg. i think that if obama has to start a second term with everybody saying, oh my gosh, the sky is falling, the economy is going to hell, then consumer confidence thinking, that's not good news for democrats, so why would you think it's good news for democrats? >> because you just sounded like a republican. >> oh sclop! get out of here. >> you're saying that hurts the party. welcome to the republican party. >> rags nam people say that's not a good thing to do. i would hope that rationality before new year's eve would land like an alien rocket ship in washington and get these people to the table. >> alice, you're sane, i believe. what do you make of this? the point i'm trying to make is, why the democrats scared of the fiscal cliff when it defines,
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basically, their ultimate dream. >> the democrats are anxious, they're embracing the fiscal cliff. we have obama and democrats in the convertible thunderbird ready to put the pedal to the metal on the fiscal cliff. they can cut taxes, spending, and blame the gop. the gop is doing the smart thing and pointing the finger at the real problem, which is out-of-control spending. fixing the not going to be easy, but it's not complicated. we can't just rely on raising taxes. we have to look at cutting spending and the republicans are doing that, even more so with gite ner pointing out the -- geithner pointing out the fact, warning us on the debt ceiling. this shows us we have out of control spending and raising taxes is not going to get us out of this mess. >> alice, you realize that most americans think you need a combination of tax hikes and spending cuts. it's not just one half of the deal. this is republicans and democrats, about 70% of americans, so it's not just a one-sided deal, and the second
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thing to say is, you know, these guys aren't that far apart. you know, in fact, when you look at how much revenue boehner has put on the table, he's close to a trillion dollars and he's just simply saying i want a trillion dollars in spending cuts as with he will. president obama, he's close to the same number. they're about, you know, $300 billion apart. they're about 1% apart in this whole deal, so i don't think it's fair to just attack the democrats somehow as wanting to go over the cliff. >> well, the problem is, they're not really putting any spending cuts on the table. what they are doing, they're putting some proposed possible cuts, but the stimulus spending they're putting on the table also offsets that. and just for argument's sake, let's say we give the president every single tax increase that he wants. we're still looking at a trillion-dollar deficit, so that just goes to show we have to have some serious entitlement reform and spending cuts in this and right now we don't have them. there are talks about them and there are some accounting fuzzy math going on, but there's not any serious entitlement reform
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and we can't just kuwait and talk about that -- wait and talk about that in january. it needs to be included in any package before we go forward. >> juan, the point she's making is a sound one when we talk about spending cuts, it's basically a guy pulling the olives off a meat-lovers pizza and saying he's on a diet. we're focusing on something so incidental and ignoring a huge problem, this black hole that is spending. it's true, we're going nowhere, right? >> no, i disagree. >> you like picking the olives off. >> not only that, i like it when the anchovies, but then i get lots of antioxidants with my pizzas afeel about about eating it even though i'm bloated. but i think when you look at the reality, alice says the president hasn't put any spending on the table. wrong! the president has a left wing that's furious with him, alice, because he said we'll put the cpi, the rate of growth of these programs, the inflation rate,
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we'll tie that to social security, to the other entitlement programs. he has said, you know what, i think it's something like 70% of americans say people over 250,000, your taxes should go up. he's willing to negotiate up to 400,000 now. these are legitimate steps that cut spending, but you can't, to get to greg's point, you can't cut spending all at one time, like take a chop and bam at the meat house. this is not it. it would absolutely crush our economy if you did it in one fell swoop. >> the problem is, like you said, we need to -- it needs to be a combined approach, but the problem where we're having this face-off here and this stalemate is in a great piece on politico today, we have a multi player game and everyone knows their opponents strategy, so they're not going to make a move. all sides know what the other sides want to do, but the truth of the matter is what happened this afternoon, you need to get in the room, have a conversation, and have a good
8:17 pm
solid, comprehensive way to deal with this financial mess or we've never going to get out of this. >> amen. alice and i, look at this -- >> we agree, what do you know! >> what disappointed me, greg talks about the pizza. these are like kids who are throwing the cake at each other and blamings it when the adult walks in the room. there's no adult walking in the room in washington, d.c. >> america is not going to see any difference in the parties at this point. basically they see politicians as junkies guarding the stash. that's what's happening. >> they are out of control. >> at least we agree on that. we have to go. alice, thank you. juan, thank you. >> happy new year. >> directly ahead, reports say four state department workers relieved of their jobs in the benghazi aftermath are still on the payroll and will actually be back at work soon. how can this be? and later, senator diane fine stein releases a gun control plan which requires a registry and fingerprints. does the proposed legislation go
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>> in the impact segment tonight, you may remember that
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following the attacks in bengha benghazi, libya, four state department workers sup foesedly lost their jobs. however, there are now reports they may just be switching desks and that the four are still getting paid by the government. >> this is unbelievable. the american people should be outraged at this because it is pathetic. it's disgraceful. it is purposely misleading, a ruse, smoke and mirrors. this is so wrong for the state department to do. what did they do? it's just one more lie in a web of lies dealing with the terrorist attack and the consulate in benghazi, libya. >> dig that caller. joining us now from washington, fox news strategic analyst lieutenant kcolonel ralph peter. is this called failing horizontally? >> no, it's called aspirational failure. it's only a washington program for federal bureaucrats and
8:22 pm
senior army, navy, air force generals, the bigger you screw up, the more chance you will be protected and even promoted. general screws up a war, make him army chief of staff and so on. so it's really didn't surprise me at all to learn of this, that they're apparently not only still on the job, on admin leave, because it's very hard to get rid of a washington bureaucrat and it's much easier to duck them under cover for a while, let things cool down, and then give them a new job, new title, maybe even the same desk with a new title, but the important thing right now for the administration is they don't want to -- they don't want to irritate anybody, to put it politely. >> right. >> because this benghazi thing is still on the back burner simmering and the administration does the no -- does not want somebody to go rogue and tell the truth. >> that's the primary reason i've rarely been fired, because they're always scared i may go to the press. isn't that what this is about? they're worry, they're waiting for this story to die down and
8:23 pm
the media helped it die down and they're waiting for it to be far enough away that they can breathe. that's why they're not getting rid of these employees. right? >> yeah. i mean, it is hard to get rid of them. they don't want to get rid of them, at least not now, and there is a real protective association. at state, the culture at state is very, very peculiar, largely dysfunctional. i dealt with it when i was in uniform, dealt with state department over and over again. they're disdainful of the military, so you go back to what actually happened at benghazi. didn't have to happen. >> yeah. >> because general carter hamm, head of africa command had offered, i think in late spring, to leave more troops, already on the ground in place in libya, but the left-leaning types at state, and they're the cadre of left-leaning types, they don't like the military, don't like militarization and they preferred to put their trust in local militias, in local thugs instead of the u.s. marine corps, and so what happened? under the circumstances, it was
8:24 pm
almost inevitably. >> i mean, saddam's sons ran a better job and those head injuries were real. i almost kind of admire in a way the media for so freely abdicating their responsibility on this story because that's the only reason why i believe the administration is able to do this stuff is they know they can do this stuff. >> yeah. it's stunning so me. you know, the media sometimes gets a bad rap. it's rarely as bad as its accusers would allege, but in this case, greg, it's as bad as the accusers allege. it's unthinkable to me that a scandal that's international in proportion in which people died and the white house lied is being covered up by the establish media, or at least not pursued by them, and at the same time, remember when their shoe is on the other foot in watergate when nobody died, boy, the press went after that. i'm not excusing watergate, but
8:25 pm
when the white house makes it up, where the ambassador and three americans died needlessly because the state department experts screwed up wildly and the media says we have a more important story, a lost kitten in illinois and we have to cover that, something is wrong. >> i have a feeling if the wealthy 2% were behind benghazi, i think we'd get to the answers right away and right now, i think the only person i think we have in custody is a film maker in california and none of the celebrities are going to bat for an artist in jail. who would think that would happen under obama? i want to talk about hillary. hillary is going to be back to work next week. what do you see happening? >> well, it does appear that a group of senators determined to get to the truth are going to try to hold up senator kerry's confirmation as secretary of state to replace hillary clinton until she comes to the hill and testifies under oath, and
8:26 pm
hillary, i don't think her illness was a put-on. i think she was really sick, it's going around here in d.c., but she doesn't want to testify because she doesn't want anything staining the record for 2016 and the administration doesn't want her to testify because they're afraid that under oath, she'll parse things a little bit differently and keep the story alive. the bottom line for the administration is this: wow, we dodged the bullet. make sure they don't open fire again. and the administration is just going to keep stonewalling -- it's stonewalling and declining to send people to the hill, fighting requests for testimony. that's the white house equivalent of a gangster taking the fifth. >> all right. thank you, colonel peters. always good to talk to you. >> my pleasure. happy new year. >> happy new year to you. and we want to remind you to check out bill's story on the inside story of the marine jailed on bogus gun charges. as well as other papers nationwide. plenty more ahead as the factor
8:27 pm
move the along this evening. a democratic senator proposes strict new regulations on guns. does it have any chance of becoming law? and later, is the tea party movement just about finished? that's what the "new york times" says and we'll hear from both sides. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. nah, i'm good. ♪ [ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette, you celebrate a little win. nicoderm cq, the patch with time release smart control technology that acts fast and helps control cravings all day long. ♪ quit one day at a time with nicoderm cq.
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in the first factor flashback segment tonight, as we have been been reporting, we've part of the secular progressive
8:30 pm
moment is to knock and inevitably destroy various traditions. in france, they are on the march, targeting those who want to preserve their definition of traditional marriage. [ chanting ] [ sounds of struggle ] >> well, obviously those weren't real nuns. so is this where we are headed in bill recently posed a question to the barack in a hard place duo, alan combs and monica crawley. >> i say absolutely, it's not just recent, this stuff has been happening for decades. we saw them occupy wall street, van jones, code paint during the iraq war. this is the left. these are the radicals, the left. this happens all across western societies and it's got one objective which is disruption. it's all about tearing down and
8:31 pm
destroying to they can turn around and rebuild their far left marxist utopias. >> isn't there a difference between an anti-war movement, which is fairly intense, and gay marriage? these are the people right now who, look at the difference. the people who want traditional marriage, combs, are peaceful and they are they've signs, they're trying to get their point ak as kron -- point across and these are the people who disagree. >> it's actually physical violence against the anti-gay people. they're the ones, anti-gay group actually physically attacked, physical kale violent. >> i don't think that's true. >> it was true, reported in the washington post. >> oh, they were watching? >> so it can't be true, right? it can't be true. >> they're not in good shape right now. >> the reports we got said the violence came from the anti-gay. >> that's not the reports we got were that the pro-marriage,
8:32 pm
traditional marriage people demonstrated first. this was a counter group, the group came in a very aggressive way and most of the violence was between the group and the mr. is. >> the violence was started -- and the police. >> the violence was started by the anti-gay people. that's what was reported. >> take a step back and look at the bigger picture. look at the tactic used for decades. never let a crisis go to waste, even if you have to manufacture the crisis. whether it's the vietnam war, the iraq war, traditional values under assault, the far left will come in, disrupt, cause this kind of action in order to get a breakdown of traditional values because all great powers, bill, start their end, start their demise when the social values that bring everybody together, the shared values, start to deteriorate. >> and let me say something about that. >> and this republic will crumble when the social -- >> you always say the far left
8:33 pm
as if there's no other kind of left. you always say people like that represent everybody who's left of atill la the hun, and in the incidents you mentioned, the right is on the far side of history. >> that's your opinion, but their techniques correct? topless nuns? >> it was a goofy outfit, but it was the other side that was violent and what happened in the united states, three states have voted, the voters decided, they prefer gay marriage. this is a democratic process. that's how happening in the united states, people are voting for it. >> in some states they vote for it, and in some states they don't. >> this past election for the first time, three -- >> you know in the united states, some states put it down, but you don't mention that. >> but history was made -- >> now i'm going to scold you. you just told -- number one, i don't think you're right about the violent protests. >> i stand by it. >> i know you do.
8:34 pm
and you just told the factor audience that people are voting for this, like everybody is. but you well know people in california and north carolina, two most recent votes, voted down and you don't say that. >> you miss my point, which is for the first time ever in this fast election, three states voted, the voters decided they wanted -- the conservatives -- >> you come off as a prop pa ganist. >> no, i'm not. that's what happened. and indeed in other states like california, we have people like the former bush solicitor general ted olson fighting for gay marriage. >> in america, we have a democratic process, we have ways where the people can speak, so it's to the states that the people in certain states want to legalize gay marriage, they can. the bigger point here is that the left, the left doesn't wait for the democratic process. they come in and disrupt in order to tear down and accelerate the global socialist agenda, which is what this is all about. >> you just said something
8:35 pm
that's flat-out false. you said people who don't want gay marriage, can vote against it. they have and the courts turn it over. >> and the left goes around the process in order to tear it down. >> the supreme court will decide gay marriage. wait and see. >> when we come right back, a new push for stricter gun control can mean big changes. we'll tell you har one democratdemocrat ic senate wants to take things. back in a moment. r his small bu! how does this thing work? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% cash back on every purche, everday! woo-hoo!!! so that's ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great sinesses deserve great rewards! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? here's your invoice.
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thanks for staying with us i'm greg gutfeld in for boiler. unresolved problem segment tonight. following the newtown massacre there has been new push for gun control laws. dianne feinstein is leading the charge. >> what do you say to people who support the right to own arms that this is the camel's nose under the tent and the next thing you will be after concealed carry weapons. you will be after other kinds of gun rights? >> well, that's just not true. it wasn't true with the prior bill that was the law for 10 years. and i just think candidly that dog doesn't hunt. >> why shouldn't it be true? why wouldn't you want to go after those other laws? >> because that's not what i have done in the past and it's not what i'm doing right now. >> greg: however, senator feinstein's proposed legislation calls for fingerprinting thousands of gun owners as well as banning the sale of more than 100
8:39 pm
types of guns. joining us from washington larry pratt the executive director of gun owners of america. i wonder how he feels about. this in studio alexus magill jonsz executive director of the values institute progressive group. i bet you think this law is a great idea. >> oh, indeed. even though we have had a declining murder rate in the united states and even though our violent crime rate is less where people are more able to get guns and even though connecticut has the very kind of law that senator feinstein wants somehow we are to believe that her -- by the way, i got to admire her in one way. not only did she not get her semi auto ban stick the last time it went off the books. now she wants to come back with one on steroids. i wish there were people on my side of the aisle that had that kind of tenacity so senator feinstein hats off to you. >> what do you say, alexus? to me, it's not unreasonable
8:40 pm
to know where the guns are. i don't know i don't want eric holder to be the guy with that list. >> first of all, we know that almost 40% of guns in this country are being sold by unlicensed dealers. right? we're not getting universal background checks. things that could help us reduce crime. we're not -- 7 a% of states are also able to ignore a lot of the mental illness requirements and things that the gun lobby and people like larry are making as a case that we need to be supporting more, understanding of what is happening with the mental illness community. i think honestly, the assault weapons in general are a very small percentage of guns. you know, gun owners. and so the reality is banning them is not going to make a huge difference for people who use weapons and support the second amendment. >> what do you say, larry, not a big deal? >> the last time we tried this
8:41 pm
idea, the semi autos that were used in crime declined from 3% of crime to 1%. so there was a two thirds reduction in crime using these guns. but the fact of the matter is, these guns also were used by the korean merchants when the police weren't able to protect them during the los angeles riots. the same kinds of guns protected people outside of new orleans after katrina. these same kind of guns protected people in say south florida after hurricanes there. and it's pretty cavalier attitude toward human safety to say that these guns are not needed or not used when, in fact, when society has come apart as it has from time to time after these disasters, they are the only way to be sure you are going to be around with your property and your life intact. >> isn't that kind of the -- i mean, a lot of this semantics. i'm not sure i know what an assault weapon is and how something becomes an assault weapon. because they all kill. so, i mean, why can't this
8:42 pm
weapon be seen as protection the way he is talking about it? that's what the primary use of it is for, right? >> well, look, i'm sure it is about protection and a lot of people's minds. i if i if we are really so concerned about protection. we should be investing more in our police officers. we should be investing more in people who post disasters are there and help us ready to reduce crime in a meaningful way. the 3% to 1% decline actually i think there is a study that shows almost 7% decline is very meaningful. and, for me, it's like i want to get rid of at least 1 opportunity for newtown or aurora or columbine. we don't need to talk about the percentage of the decrease. we need to create an opportunity where we are not allowing people to use assault weapons have tremendous impacts. killing multiple people at a time. >> larry, that's the real question here. does this actually, is this a symbolic act or does it actually have any real effect on preventing massacres? that's the question i'm not
8:43 pm
show sure it does. what is if facilitating masters is not the semiautomatic rifles. what is facilitated masters and we can see from the last 20 years and more that all of these mass shootings. these mass murders have occurred in legally gun-free zones. and newtown was the same, a school where nobody was able to have a gun, even if they had a conceal carry permit which you can get in connecticut. nobody was able to shoot back. they had to wait some 20 minutes for the police to get there that's unacceptable. that's what happens when we disarm ourselves and think well no defense is a good defense. that's a lethal deception. >> greg: this is is an interesting thing. there might actually be some common ground here where people who are for guns like larry and see people like barbara boxer are coming together about the idea of protecting schools. and that maybe the idea of a gun-free zone is ridiculous. we saw the newspaper that printed people's addresses what that did is angered people who didn't have guns
8:44 pm
who are now seen as vulnerable. wait a second, i want people to think i have a gun. isn't it there is a common ground here where we can decide officers, more officers in school? protect our kids the way we protect pierce morgan at cnn most antigun guy around who is surrounded by security. >> trained police officers like our soldiers and police military to have the guns. not your every day american, you know, because i think the real problem is actually it's the gun lobbists people like larry pratt candidly. >> greg: larry, you are evil. >> you are not evil, larry. the challenge is that most of these associations actually represent gun manufacturers not gun owners. when you look at even the great majority of. >> welcome to send us a check. >> when you look at the great majority the polls around gun ownership, people who own guns systematically support bans on
8:45 pm
assault weapons. >> all right. we have got to end on that, ms. johnson thanks so much. mr. brat thanks. what the heck just happened? a look back at the wild factor moments featuring me, greg gutfeld and bernie mcguirk. you remember him. tall guy, bald. also the "new york times" says the tea party is dying out. is that so? we'll debate it moments away. okay, here's the plan. you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club. my motr was so wrong about you. next, we get priory boarding on our flight i booked with miles. all because of the card. and me. okay, what's the plan? plan? mm-hmm. we're on vacation. there is no plan. really? [ male announcer ] the united mileageplus explorer card. the mileage card with speci perks on united. get it and you're in.
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>> greg: in the second factor flashback segment tonight. earlier this year the factor unveiled a brand new feature called what the heck just happened starring this guy. and bernie mcguirk, acting like fools and bill just trying to keep us out of jail. here is a look back at the wildest moments. begin. >> bill: we begin with a very strange picture vice president biden getting up close and personal with a biker chic in ohio. that happened sunday and nobody can quite explain it. i thought at first gutfeld it was a promo for the tv show anarchy. is that what it is? >> sons of anarchy? i thought he was preparing for the white house christmas party. is he going to be santa. [ laughter ] i love the look on the faces of the biker. that is america looking down at him. i love bikers they are either
8:49 pm
taking teddy bears it hospitals or getting meth to my uncle. >> bill: one or the two. you believe it's a santa claus play. put that picture back up. this is an interesting point about the looks, mcguirk. it looks like they are red are to stab the vice president. >> if he didn't have secret service protection they would have had to scrape him off the floor. >> bill: we don't know why the vice president got up close and purge with the woman. with all due respect to her she is not exactly gisele biewn den. >> i would like to see him where the bandanna. >> see artists like bob dylan raise again the machine of pop music that inspired and informed. what artist do you feeluphold t. >> the most vibrant musical
8:50 pm
art perform are right now over the last 10, 15 years has been hip hop. [clearing throat] >> do they have hip hop in benghazi? first of all, i want you guys next week to get hats like that guy. >> i have one. that's actually my hat. >> sway that guy, right? >> he also took my name. i was originally sway then i changed it to curve and then to captain puddles and now i'm greg gutfeld. you know, there is is nobody at mtv. they think benghazi is a club dj. this is actually infuriating what's going on right now. >> bill: if it wasn't so absurd. >> we have -- there is this massive scandal going on. there are four people dead, and they are talking about music. it's disgusting to me. >> bill: who is sway? is this guy -- >> -- the voice of a generation. >> i'm digging the funky lid and i have a closetful of them. so next week you will see me here next week. >> bill: with the hat. >> it's not what incumbents do. it's usually what the
8:51 pm
challenger or new candidates go on the church with the hump or the puts with the nuts whatever it is the shut with the butt. not incumbent presidents this late in the campaign. >> here is the latest peta quote. they are going to take out a billboard that says kids, big letters, if you wouldn't eat your dog why eat a turkey? happy thanksgiving, everyone. and mcguirk you say? >> i say that, bill, you fought the good fight on the war on christmas you have to fight these giblet brain communist can't tell the difference between eating lassie and some yummy wild eyed turkey out there makes no sense. i like turkey salad and greg likes turkey [bleep]. it doesn't make any sense. we are counting on you. >> all peta wants is publicity. i can't stop them from doing anything. the poor kids, you know, there you go. and they are crying because you are carping up the turkey and they are in tears.
8:52 pm
come on, peta, give us a break. this is tied into meatless mondays in los angeles, gutfeld. you know l.a. pretty well, right? >> i spent time in certain places i can't recall. there is a fundamental hypocrisy with this. what if you came up with an idea called sexless saturdays. sex is every bit as harmful as meat. it can create std's the liberals would say no stay out of my bedroom. they have can jump on plate. >> bill: go the in kitchen. don't go in the bid room. >> they can invade your plate but you can't invade their bed. complete hypocrisy. >> bill: the reason they want meatless mondays in l.a. so everybody is healthier. fish, carrot. whatever. >> that is one of the motivations this is bloomberg on blow. why mondays? because of alit ration. tater tots on wednesday? take away wienerless wednesdays. it doesn't make any sense? >> bill: all i want is a
8:53 pm
sandwich. greg mcguirk. >> hard to believe i'm sober doing that you can catch bill and dennis miller in 2013 on their bolder fresher tour february 22nd in phoenix at the comerica theater. march 1st in los angeles at the nokia theater, april 2th he at the dar constitution hall in constitution d.c. june 1als at the theater west bury on new york's long island. details available on bill o' in a moment, has the tea party lost its influence in power? that's what the "new york times" says. we'll be back in 60 seconds. share everything. share brotherly love. share one up's. mom ? mom ? the share everything plan.
8:54 pm
lets your family share a pool of data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. get a sptrum 2 by lg for $49.99
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>> mitt romney never embraced the tea party. it wasn't a loss z tea party folks aren't out there protesting like they were in
8:56 pm
2010 but they have influence, just look at boehner's proposal. it wasy jekted and wasn't embraced by conservatives on capitol hill because it doesn't meet the tea party philosophy of lower taxes and smaller government. >> what she is saying is that the tea party stuck to a principal more about the republican party not. >> well, the conservatives did not back boehner and his plan b. it wasn't tea party. tea party hasn't been discussed much with the fiscal cliff. signing how anyone with give them credit. they've lost supporters in florida they're down to a third of who they had. >> don't you think they had jobs so they moved on? like that is the one -- the distraction they have is that they work for a live something. >> they don't have luxury to go hang out and park. they have jobs. in this economy some are
8:57 pm
working three jobs trying to feed their family but they have influence and hold the ability to ruin a political politician's career by not voting for them again. it doesn't mean they don't have influence f they didn't have influence we'd have a deal right now. it's small government, low taxes preventing this deal from happening. >> they have so much influence they hurt the republicans into winning back the senate. >> no. no. they hold them acat kthable. >> they have -- so many idiots you can name, read it there, thank goodness for a tea party opponent he had. >> no. absolutely not. >> no? >> the poll is not responsible for. they hold republicans accountable. they don't come to capitol hill or start raising taxes. they don't what. they're doing. >> but wait a minute. you can't be weak and kill a
8:58 pm
party at the same time, kathy. you're saying they're on their way out. they're controlling the party. >> i think they're weakening. >> look at -- look at. >> they're losing their influence them were strong. the party is dying down. >> but look at some of the leaders and tea party folks. rand paul is a star in the conservative movement. so to say they're dying out is false. >> i think it's wishful thinking, kathy. on "new york times" part because conditions that brought about the tea party aren't going away. it doesn't come back, there is still going to be that belief that there needs to be change. >> tea party gave a name to a movement. people were not happy with the way the country was going and just jumped on to this wave happening. they named the wave. they didn't create the wave. >> i think we're going to see a resurge jens. with this fiscal cliff i think
8:59 pm
there is going to be a resurgence of the tea party. >> where they are? >> they're working and they'r they're... they're working. they don't have to be out protesting and sit in a park in nudging and play the drums they're out in the community doing work. they're calling their congressman. that is why you haven't seen a deal. they're holding member as kt ybl. >> they're a concept not a party. >> this is, i find this interesting the way the tea party is, if you're n the right, and you fwleef a principal you're seen as extreme. if you're n the left, and have you're seen as cure ragis. occupy wall street had principle that's didn't make sense. shouldn't occupy wall street be on life support? where are they? besides jail? >> i would call it radical. i call tea party members radicals. >> radicals? for what? trying to reduce the debt? is that some ra

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